Nice Website. Who are you again?

That’s a tricky question to answer this early in the morning. Looking around the office it’s hard to tell who we are. I had a quick shave to brush off the weekend (yes – it’s Monday as I write this) and was not sure I recognised the hairy mess I saw in the mirror. But I need to give an answer. I could say we are a group of super talented artists, coders and all round geniuses. If you’re happy with that we’ll move on. Oh, you’re not?

I’m not sure how that would work out if we were wired up to a lie detector machine, so let’s say we are a group of people who would “love to be” coding and graphical geniuses, and are, at present, at least adequate. (Adequate for what? Answers on a post card please) One thing we have in common though is that we are all WordPress users. Based in sunny Belbroughton (which for the very few of you who don’t know, is a little village in North Worcestershire, UK)  we operate a real “bricks and mortar” business turning our hand to most things web-based or design based, who find that part of our day to day business often involves installing, designing with and generally getting under the bonnet of WordPress. Our main business is hard to categorize, we have clients ranging from those looking for coding solutions to complex industrial problems, to others who require website and hosting solutions for small local business. It goes without saying that providing them with the best solution to their web based problems is our main aim.

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Using the power of WordPress

We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel, [ As an aside, it has always baffled me that inventing the wheel took so long in the first place. Did stone age man never see stuff just roll down a hill and at least think “Wow – that looks like fun”?…] Using the best solutions that are readily available makes sense from a commercial point of view.

So, WordPress?

While many of the challenges we might face may call for bespoke web design, it’s surprising how often WordPress was identified as the simplest, and most flexible solution. One that can be easily tailored in most cases to fit the remit of our clients. Not sure what WordPress is? Have a look here. While it started as a blogging platform, ideal for text based websites that were added to frequently, it has grown over the years and become one of the most flexible and best supported content management systems available. Regularly updated, simple to use, and the basic framework is completely free.

You Say That Like It’s A Problem…

Like any popular application, particularly those used commercially, there are some people who will try to break the system either through sheer malice or more commonly for financial gain. Over the years it’s become apparent that for our client security and our own peace of mind, adding sensible and cost-effective security solutions to our WordPress installations make sense.

The good news is, these inexpensive and simple to use systems and services are extremely effective, not only at alerting users to any potential security issues but in many cases have added bonuses such as providing alerts should there be any issue with the website, whether that is related to WordPress or not.

That Still Doesn’t Explain This Site?

Good question. The first answer is because we are asked to justify our choice off WordPress as a content management system often, and having one website which we can refer clients to which adequately answers that question and shows the extra value that using a regularly updated platform that has become the de facto industry standard for small and medium-sized, independently hosted sites just makes common sense. The second reason, let’s be honest here, we spent a lot of time gathering knowledge and applying solutions for both ourselves and our client base. Between us, there is much we don’t know about WordPress as users and web hosts. We also have substantial experience when it comes to adapting the basic WordPress experience. Wrting our own themes and customising others. It would be nice when sharing this information and recommending some of the products that we use to earn a little bit of cash. Even if it’s just enough to buy the morning coffees.

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